The picture above is of a young lady & one of her children. See received the bucket filter in the fall of 2015. She lives in El Tunel. We were searching for Leonel a man who had assisted in the past. Yasmina Lopez, her husband & 2 children use the filter on a daily basis. They collect rain water in the wet season to supplement their water needs.

The second picture L-R; Leonel Namendi a volunteer in El Tunel & Roger Hernandez interpreter.

October 17th. was the second distribution. We handed out 64 filter kits to 60 families, the other 4, 1 went to a small medical clinic & the remaining 3 to the school to be placed in class rooms. 312 people attended, 184 adults & 128 children. The need is so great in the community that the Masaya Club decided to hold 3 more distributions at Diriomito & 1 in El Tunel. Some of the recipients walked 3-4 miles to receive a bucket filter. We had a total of 85 families sign in. The ones that didn’t receive a filter will be first on the list Thursday. In the group pictures there are not as many due to the length of the session & heat. Many left after receiving their bucket & preforming the assembly.