We have all the filters from Leon & buckets from Managua as of Saturday Oct. 07. The task now is to drill the buckets apply the emblems & insert a filter kit with instruction leaflet in each one. We are short 150 of the Rotary emblems, probably lost in customs. Each box had been emptied & inventoried. Right now I’m unsure if we have all 600 filters. in the past we normally come up short several after customs. Hopefully Tuesday or  Wednesday we can begin distribution. The Masaya Rotary Club at best is not being very cooperative hopefully this will improve.

    I have been to San Benito to visit Nayansi & her family. She has just returned from a 15 day stay in the hospital due to an infection. I reviewed the condition of the house. It has rained due to the tropical storm in the Caribbean drawing moisture from the Pacific. On Tuesday 2 inches of water covered the floor. I returned Thursday with Javier a contractor I’ve used in the past. Monday Oct.09 we will pour a footing & elevate the floor 10″ & pour a concrete floor to alleviate these issues.   Outside donations are being used to fund this project. Melanie’s company providing monies to purchase new beds which will have steel frames & actual box springs to support the mattress.

This is the interior of where I’m staying. I normally cook breakfast each day & have the butcher slice bologna for lunch & dinner. One bedroom is setup as my office. The dust is such that I keep towel over the laptop & printer when not in use. The landlord has a housekeeper who cleans once a week & does laundry for $65 Córdoba or $3.05 USD. She prefers not to use the washer & dryer but hand washing is hard on garments & as much as it’s been raining you can get the solar dryer to work.