Upcoming Speakers

Join Rotary each Thursday at 12:00 pm at the Oklahoma music hall of fame
401 South 3rd Street Muskogee, OK 74401

Our Causes and Programs

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in communities at home and abroad.

College Scholarships

College Scholarships are presented to various students at NSU, Conners and Bacone Colleges.

Dictionary Project

For about 20 years the Rotary has given books, dictionaries to every 3rd grader in the district, including Hilldale, Oktaha, Okay, Ft Gibson and Muskogee.

Gospel Rescue Mission

The Gospel Rescue Mission, Inc. is a full service homeless shelter dedicated to meeting the needs of the poor and the homeless of Muskogee since 1931.

Little Nationals Speech Tournament

Muskogee Rotary Little Nationals Speech Tournament is the longest running speech tournament in the state. Rotary has sponsored it for close to 70 years.


The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a complete scholarship awarded to men and women of high school age who are leaving their junior year and will be next year’s senior high class.

Good Shepherd

The purpose of the Good Shepherd Health Clinic of Muskogee is to provide care to those individuals whose circumstances do not allow them to have financial means for health care.


Medical Supplies Network, Inc. MSNI’s mission is to provide free medical equipment and supplies for those in need throughout the world.

Salvation Army-Ringing of the Bells

The water filter we have chosen to use in Masaya is the Sawyer PointONE™ Filter. These filters use the same technology that is used for kidney dialysis.

Masaya 2017 Diary

Masaya 2017

We have all the filters from Leon & buckets from Managua as of Saturday Oct. 07. The task now is to drill the buckets apply the emblems & insert a filter kit with instruction leaflet in each one. We are short 150 of the Rotary emblems, probably lost in customs. Each box had been emptied &