Speech Contest was conceived as a means for Rotarians to support students to make healthy choices in the ethical issues that they face in everyday life as teens. Students are subjected to pressure from peers to engage in unhealthy, unwise and unethical behaviors and choices.

The speech contest enables Rotarians to reward teens who not only set healthy and ethical life goals for themselves but who also seek to influence their peers in positive way.

High school speech contestants are asked to present a six-minute persuasive talk, directed toward their
peers, to promote high ethical standards in daily life.

The speech will be judged for content and presentation. Further, each presenter should describe his/her ideas for reducing and/or eliminating negative and unethical behavior in teens.

The content should be focused, clear, and accurate, and should be delivered in a logical, organized, and persuasive manner. Articulation, body language, creativity, and
effectiveness in engaging peers in the message of ethical choices and behavior relating to the Rotary’s Four-Way Test will be important criteria in judging the presentations.